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Helpful Hints

Do you need some assistance with your party planning? Then please read on.


Choose the date of your function with care. Avoid planning a party on a long weekend, public holiday or when a large sporting event is on as these cause most people to plan other activities.


If you have a planned format for your evening and want people to be there by 7pm put 6.30pm on the invitation. Also state on the invitation whether food will be provided, as some people may eat prior to arrival. If it is a Finger Food function you are planning, mention that a light meal will be served. This will ensure your guests don't expect a three course banquet Roast when they arrive.


In our opinion most people do not respond to RSVP. Instead of getting people to respond if they are coming, request that they respond if they are unable to attend.


  • Home
    Consider the following when having a party at home:
    Informing neighbours
    Car parking
    Putting fragile items away
    Access to toilets etc
    Tables, chairs, marquee requirements - see below for some hire company suggestions
    Power supply for lighting, heating, Jukebox etc is spread over several circuits
  • Public Open Space
    Check whether you need permission to use the area. You should also consider whether power and shelter is available, and is it easy for guests and caterers to access.
  • Hall
    Always check availability for your date. A booking usually requires a deposit. Ring your local council for information on contact people for local halls.


Our friendly staff will advise you on how much food you require to keep your costs to a minimum.


When organising a corporate function the following should be considered:

  • Making sure invitations are sent out with enough notice and contain all necessary information including a locational map.
  • The time of the function - not always possible for people to attend during office hours. The best time is usually 5.30pm so guests can attend straight from work.
  • Nametags are always helpful for large functions.
  • A seating arrangement is important for sit down meals.
  • Running sheet and background information for guest speakers.


  1. Just ring fax or email our friendly staff for free advice and how it all works. We are happy to answer all your questions.
  2. When you are ready to confirm your booking, simply phone fax or email to 'lock in' your date.
  3. You don't have to worry too much about final details and number of guests if you don't want to, because we can alter or change arrangements up until 4 days prior to your function, no problem!


Our friendly staff will be able to make suggestions about who you can contact, however we have used the following companies in the past:


Sometimes there are those few little extras you want to add to your function - here's a few suggestions that we've had from previous customers:

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